Answers about the 0600 Challenge...

What is the 0600 Challenge?
It's a subscription email that gets sent to members each week with a new workout.  The workout is to be performed at 6:00 am, outside, rain or shine.

What kind of exercises are included?
The 0600 Challenge includes 600 bodyweight exercises spread out over at least a 3.1 mile (5k) run.

Do I have to do it at 6:00 am?
We understand that people have work and family commitments that sometimes require flexibility.   The idea is to pick a time works for you.  We chose 6:00 am because we could do the workout before weekend activities with our children.

When do we get the workout?
We'll deliver the workout right to your inbox before 5:00 am each Saturday morning, so you'll never have to look for another workout on YouTube again.

What kind of nut really wants to get up and work out - outside, rain or shine - at 6:00 am?  
We do, and we think you'll love it too.

Do I need any equipment?
No.  Occasionally, however, we might surprise you with a bonus workout that uses some common household items to make things interesting.  But we'll let you know in advance.

Can you modify the workout?  What if I can't complete it?
It's ok to modify any exercise. We all struggled with the workouts when we started them.  If you are unable to complete the workout, try again the next week.  Keep doing it each week until you can get through the workout.  Then feel great about yourself.  Brag to your friends and get them to try it too.

Can I do the workout more than once a week?
If you want to complete the workout more than once, go for it.  Feel free to change the intervals or the order of the exercises to make it your own.  But, please listen to your body and make sure you get enough rest between workouts.

What do I get for completing the workout?
The satisfaction of doing something that most other people won't.  And if that is not enough, you can check out our sweet Facebook page for a private group where you can share early morning photos of your bad-ass-ery.

I'm all in.  Where do I sign up?
Awesome. We're happy to have you.  You can register for a monthly or annual membership by clicking here.

If you questions or need support, you can always send us a message by clicking here.

By performing these workouts, you assume any and all risks, and cannot hold us responsible.  See a physician before you begin any workout routine.  Observe all local traffic, safety and property laws.  We want you happy and healthy.  Don't do anything reckless or dangerous to prove you're tough.  We knew you were when you became a member.