The 0600 Challenge is a bodyweight workout performed at 6:00 am.  It's at least a 3.1 mile run and 600 bodyweight exercises with a sprint finisher just for fun.  And it changes every week. Sounds straightforward enough, right?

The challenge is that the workout is performed outside, rain or shine, without excuses.  

It's easy to run on the treadmill in a climate-controlled environment with all kinds of technology to keep you comfortable. But, it's not easy when it's 6:00 in January, in the freezing rain and darkness.  Or when its when it's 90 with 100% humidity as the sun comes up in June.

In the 0600 Challenge, like life, the conditions aren't always perfect.  

But, you don't want everything to be easy, and we're glad you found us.

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